Financial aid is from Mars, Student Affairs is from Venus

Facilitating partnership between two critical parts of the institution

Colleges’ student affairs and financial aid offices both exist with the intention of giving learners the resources and experiences they need to be successful  in their academic lives and professional futures. But in the shuffle of daily responsibilities, some of the systems put in place to streamline internal processes between the many moving parts of a higher ed institution can fall to the wayside. Even worse- when financial aid and student affairs fall out of sync, it can often be the learners who pay the price— having to focus their energy into navigating complex systems, and advocating intensely for themselves and their peers, rather than focusing on their academic, extracurricular experiences, or personal lives. 

However, with thoughtful planning and an ongoing commitment to open communication, it’s possible to bring more structure to this inherently complex system—in ways that can help more students get the support they need.

Increased connection between student affairs and financial aid can drive positive outcomes that positively impact campus life, improve student success, and affect policy change. Based on our own experience working with leaders from both parts of the institution, here are a few that we’ve found to help foster clearer communication. :

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