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Fast, Equitable, and Effective
Cash Administration for Institutions
and Government

Our platform provides an end-to-end cash administration solution to help governments
and institutions prioritize incoming applications, verify and process applicants,
pay people quickly, and track outcomes over time.
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Together, we're making a real difference with our partners.

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On average,
our application takes
<7 minutes
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With our partners, Edquity has distributed more than
$140 million
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On average, applicants receive a decision on their application within 
<25 hours
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On average, applicants claim their funds within
<48 hours

Edquity helps partners manage emergency aid programs end to end in a manner that is fast, equitable, and fully compliant.

Edquity offers:

Application and decisioning that prioritizes need and equity
Edquity's research-based technology ensures students with the greatest need are funded -- and narrows your equity gaps in the process.
Fast, compliant payment
Our processing times are less than 24 hours, and if approved, students can receive their funds within 48 hours in a manner fully compliant with federal payment requirements.
Robust, compliant reporting
Our partners receive daily, Department of Education-compliant reports on their emergency aid programs, helping schools remain in compliance with HEERF reporting requirements.