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The first Emergency Aid platform for colleges

Edquity uses evidence-based technology to ensure your emergency aid gets in the hands of the students who need it most.

See how Compton College students were twice as likely to graduate with Edquity.
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Edquity is the first emergency aid platform for colleges.

With Edquity, you can:

Distribute emergency aid – fast
On average, it takes students seven minutes to complete our emergency aid application. Our processing times are less than 24 hours, and if approved, students can receive their funds within 48 hours.
Recommend emergency resources
Edquity offers students an off-the-shelf database of community-based resources so that they can find the support they need, close by.
Monitor and evaluate – in real time
Our partners receive daily, Department of Education-compliant reports on their emergency aid programs. Schools can also use our dashboard to collect valuable data and metrics on usage and engagement.
A phone with screen text: "Great news: Help is on the way! You've been funded $350 to help with your emergency."

Together, we're making a real difference at our partner schools.

Illustration of hand with phone
On average, our emergency aid application takes students
7 minutes
Illustration of hand with phone
Working on behalf of our partners, Edquity has distributed more than
$13 million
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As for philanthropic funds, our partners have raised more than
$1 million

We're streamlining emergency aid with students, administrators, and equity in mind.

Read about the common challenges with distributing emergency aid, written by the leading expert on student basic needs insecurity, our Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab. Read it here.
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