See how Edquity helped Compton College double graduation likelihood

Maximizing Emergency Aid For All.

Edquity provides fast, equitable distribution of emergency cash grants through evidence-based technology. Students who apply for emergency aid using the Edquity app are proven to be more likely to graduate — saving colleges hundreds of thousands in potentially lost tuition dollars, and helping students continue on their educational path.
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Edquity helps partners manage emergency aid programs end to end in a manner that is fast, equitable, and fully compliant.

Edquity offers:

Application and decisioning that prioritizes need and equity
Edquity's research-based technology ensures students with the greatest need are funded -- and narrows your equity gaps in the process.
Fast, compliant payment
Our processing times are less than 24 hours, and if approved, students can receive their funds within 48 hours in a manner fully compliant with federal payment requirements.
Robust, compliant reporting
Our partners receive daily, Department of Education-compliant reports on their emergency aid programs, helping schools remain in compliance with HEERF reporting requirements.
A phone with screen text: "Great news: Help is on the way! You've been funded $350 to help with your emergency."

Together, we're making a real difference at our partner schools.

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On average, our emergency aid application takes students
7 minutes
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Working on behalf of our partners, Edquity has distributed more than
$80 million+
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When applying through Edquity, students get paid, on average, in less than
25 Hours