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Edquity solves the challenges with traditional emergency aid programs

Our expert-backed, research-driven technology means that together, we can distribute emergency aid to students who need it most, when they need it.

Edquity offers:
Application and decisioning that prioritizes need and equity
Edquity's research-based technology ensures students with the greatest need are funded -- and narrows your equity gaps in the process.
Holistic Case Management
We provide partners the ability to fully automate their emergency aid programs or leverage a model that provides them the autonomy to make funding decisions leveraging a case management framework.
Fast, compliant payment
Our processing times are less than 24 hours, and if approved, students can receive their funds within 48 hours in a manner fully compliant with federal payment requirements.
Robust, compliant reporting
Our partners get access to a data portal that provides granular and real-time data to inform practice and advocacy while also providing transaction data for internal business units.

Together with our partner schools, we’re improving emergency aid programs.

Application design
At Edquity, we strive for equity. Our unbiased application only asks students questions pertaining to their needs, and their eligibility is determined using an objective rubric. Unlike typical emergency aid applications, we don’t create bureaucratic hurdles for students, and we never ask students to tell us why they’re “worthy” of funds or to “perform their poverty.” That’s why, on average, it takes students seven minutes to complete our emergency aid application.
Tremendous burden on staff
It can take as long as 12 hours (across multiple days) to review a single emergency aid application. This creates challenges for staff that can pull them away from providing a more human-centered approach required for non-emergency aid-based support. At Edquity, we efficiently manage each step of the emergency aid process, from application design and intake to payment initiation, ensuring equitable decisions and allowing staff to focus on other student-centered work.
Processing times
Students in crisis need funds fast. On average, it takes colleges and universities 13 days to get aid to students. That’s why at Edquity, we make sure students can receive their funds within 24 hours of receiving their approval.
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Why Edquity?

  • Application design
  • Application review
  • Processing times
  • Payment times
  • Program awareness
  • Data
  • Typical emergency aid

  • ✗ Bias, inconsistent, and burdensome
  • ✗ Manually reviewed, by a time-constrained practitioner
  • ✗ Up to 2 weeks
  • ✗ Up to 2 weeks
  • ✗ Word of mouth
  • ✗ No transparent real-time data
  • Edquity emergency aid

  • ✔ Evidence-based, fast, and simple
  • ✔ Instantly review
  • ✔ Less than 24 hours
  • ✔ Less than 48 hours
  • ✔ Digital one-stop shop of emergency support
  • ✔ Real-time, ED compliant analytics

Hear our impact with partners

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Sam. S at Dallas County Community College

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Our program is tried and true

On average, our emergency aid application took students

5 minutes

That means less time with busy work and more time tending to their basic needs.
We’ve increased the overall student retention rate in our colleges by

5 percent

That means a strong return on investment of emergency aid.
Based on our data, one partner has already raised an additional


to help students with their emergency aid.
On average, our application took a student

117 seconds

That means less time worrying about budgeting out their next paycheck
On average, our application took a student

117 seconds

That means less time worrying about budgeting out their next paycheck
On average, our application took a student

117 seconds

That means less time worrying about budgeting out their next paycheck
On average, our application took a student

117 seconds

That means less time worrying about budgeting out their next paycheck

What students have to say about Edquity

I'm a single mother of 3 and care for my elderly mother. This money helped us to complete the rent and buy essential house hold items.
Blanca L.
Compton College Student
I had a car accident. I had to repair my car and my hospital bill was high. With the help of Edquity I was able to fix my car.
Jamila H.
Dallas College Student
Edquity provided me with relief. I was able to get the learning materials that I needed as well as be able to feed my daughter and myself. Since then I was able to complete two classes.
Takeyah W.
Compton College Student